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Photo Gallery

Our Photo Gallery includes pictures of SCBF Members' Birmans who have achieved recognition from the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) as Grand Champions, Grand Premiers, Distinguished Merits, Regional or National Winners, or other Awards.

If you wish to submit a picture for this Grand Gallery, please read the Club Picture Policy by clicking here -->Picture Policy.

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©Carl Widmer

GC RW Pleasantview Sosueme
CFA 1997-98 National Best Birman
B/O: Julie Collin


GC NW Pleasantview's Risky Business of Bravi
CFA 1994-95 12th Best Kitten Nationally
1994-95 National Best Birman Kitten
1994-95 National Best Birman Cat
B: Julie Collin
O: Victory Peterson 

......... McPorkchop 
GC RW Pleasantview McPorkchop, DM
National Best Birman 1990-91

B/O: Julie Collin
.........©Portraits by Dandi


GC Bravi's Lost Traveler's Dream, DM
B/O: Victory Peterson


GP RW Tokimoon Jason of Demewr
B: Mrs. C.M. MacDonald
O: Bonnie Schmiedlin

GRC RW Bitaheaven Rumrunner of Hninchima.

GC RW Bitaheaven Rumrunner of Hninchima
B: Paula and James Watson
O: P & J Watson / J & M Wolf


GC NW Pleasantview Lalique of Windflower, DM
National 9th Best Kitten 1988-89
B: Julie Collin
O: Julie Collin & Carolyn Bullotta

CH GRP Bitaheaven Nuance's Pleasure of KitycombGP Bitaheaven Nuance's Pleasure of Kitycomb
B: Paula and James Watson
O: Bill and Linda Coombes


Take it to the Limit.

GC RW Pleasantview Take It To The Limit
National Best Birman Kitten
B: Julie Collin
O: Bonnie & Michael Bowra


GP Amberelle Theodorable McPorkchop
B:  Gayle & Michael Blonar
O:  Mary Richards


GC Amberelle Quince of Amberstia
B: Gayle Blonar
O: Janice Robinson

St. Louis Blues.

GC BirAmor St. Louis Blue of Russpurrz
B: Fern St. Clair
O: Alison Russell

Tyrian Purple.
GC Russpurrz Tyrian Purple
B/O: Alison Russell

    .  . 

GC Bravi The Queen's Bee 
B/O: Victory Peterson



GC NW Pleasantview Qati, DM
National 8th Best Kitten 1993-94
B/O: Julie Collin

GRC RW Amberelle Paisley of BitaheavenGC RW Amberelle Paisley of Bitaheaven
B: Gayle Blonar
O: Paula and James Watson


  Tokimoon Iolanthe.

CH Tokimoon Iolanthe of Pleasantview, DM
B: Mrs. C.M. MacDonald
O: Julie Collin
First Birman male DM


Taking Care of Business.
GP ShowMe Cats Taking Care of Business (TC)
B: Bob and Betty Trower
O: Nancy Babin

Sweet Sensation. 

GP ShowMe Cats Sweet Sensation (Sasha)
B/O: Bob and Betty Trower

Jellicle Girl.

GP Bravi's Jellicle Girl
B/O: Victory Peterson 

Windflower Merriann of Pleasantview, DM
B: Julie Collin & Carolyn Bullotta 


Quest De Fortune

GRC ShowMe Cats Quest De Fortune
B/O: Bob and Betty Trower

  Risky and Mau
GC NW Pleasantview's Risky Business of Bravi
GP RW Pleasantview Qiong Mao of Brynleigh
B: Julie Collin
O: (Risky) Victory Peterson
O: (Mao) Tori Lane & Chris Donovan

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