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Tina.jpg (20504 bytes)
GC Pennypurrs Xavantina of Blu iis
B: Penny Mitchell
O: Blanche Wells/James Edwards
XchooGrand.jpg (15758 bytes)
GC RW Tunacats Xchooner of Adorabir
B: Lorrie and Charlie Tuna Anderson
O: Tracey Tranen
GP Pennyrocks Xcalipurr
B/O:Maggie Freeland
XCalibrGrand.jpg (6536 bytes)
XbirmanatorGrand.jpg (11372 bytes)
GP Pennyrocks Xbirmanator
B/OMaggie Freeland
GP Carraig's Xavier Coolcat
B/O: Betty Sleep

CoolcatSCBF.jpg (12713 bytes)

topperGrand.jpg (7186 bytes)

GP Tai Ming's Topper
B: Frances Price
O: Sallie Smith
GP Lawbiren's Xquisite Doll of Elcen
B: Eileen Lawrence
O: Kent and Robyn Thompson

LawbirenGrand.jpg (7953 bytes)


xydeco.jpg (18007 bytes)

GC Bitaheaven's Xydeco of Talistar
B: James and Paula Watson
O: Carla Guiher

GC T-Cin's You Are My Sunshine
B/O: Cindy and Tom Schott


SchottsGrand.jpg (6097 bytes)

Mia_Grand.jpg (5776 bytes)
GC RW  Adorabir Y Mia?
B/O: Tracey Tranen
GC Bria Y'ld Vanilla
B/O: Liz Thomasson
Y'ld Vanilla Grand.jpg (28391 bytes)
Ylie scan crop.jpg (31528 bytes)
GC Bojacat Y'lie Coyote
B: Bob and Jane Cartwright
O: Jim Emerson and Cynthia Butcher
GC T-Cin's Y'ld Flower
B/O: Cindy and Tom Schott
lacey.jpg (28953 bytes)
wine n' roses.jpg (32424 bytes)
GC Barmar's Wine N' Roses of Desert Star
B/O: Marilyn Rowley, Judy Clubb , Janet Maimone