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GC T-Cin's Aliza Jane
B/O: Cindy and Tom Schott

GC T-Cin's Caity Sunshine
B/O: Cindy and Tom Schott

GC T-Cin'sCindy Lou Who
B/O: Cindy and Tom Schott
GC Bitaheaven's Cisco Kid of T-Cin
B: Paula and James Watson
O: Cindy and Tom Schott

GC Sapphireblue Charisma
B/O: Christa Collins

GC Toula Déjà Vu Carre
B/O: Patti Oehler

GP Starcrystal Blue's Clues
B/O: Mitchelland Jodie Grunwald
GC, RW, Carraig's Zee Big Mac of Peony
B: Betty Sleep
O: Yoshiko Tanishima
GC Carraig's You Gotta B Kitten
B/O: Betty Sleep
GP Carraig's Vagnerian Phat Lady
B/O: Betty Sleep
GC, RW Sapphireblue Center Ice
CFA 3rd Best Birman in Championship 2006-07
B/O: Christa Collins
GC Shakandah Bronte of Sapphireblue
B: Anne Davis
O: Christa Collins
GP Sapphire blue Bohemian Rhapsody
B/O: Christa Collins