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GC Adorabir Freddie Mac of Gryphonwood
B: Tracey Tranen
O: Heather Reynolds
GP Pleasantview Elton
B/O: Julie Collin
GP Pleasantview Elvis
B/O: Julie Collin
GC LovinLaces Fifi Fondu
B/O: Tippi Parmerter
GC Sapphireblue E Shoots, He Scores!
B/O:Christa Collins
GC T-Cin's Fritz
B/O: Cindy and Tom Schott
GC Voijer's Dream Catcher of T-Cin
B: Carol List
O: Cindy and Tom Schott 

GP Wee Kittlins Farlee
B/O: Keith Kildow
GP LovinLaces Forbidden Fantasy
B/O: Tippi Parmerter
CH Torielle's Waikiki, DM
B/O: Ellen Weber

GP Torielle's Coco Mademoiselle
B/O: Ellen Weber
GC, RW, Quailridge's Foxy Lady
B/O: Pam and Phil Soth
Co Line Freight Train
B/O Lorraine Van Polen