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GC Lovinlaces Violet
B/O Tippi Parmerter


GP Ashi Electra's Orchid of Snotoz
B: Charlene May
O:Melissa Darling


















GC Catabella Flash of Pleasantview
B: Mary Richards
O: Julie Collin












GC LovinLaces Fiona
B/O: Tippi Parmerter













GP RW Birmist Daytripper of La Menage
B: Jane Bridenstein
O: Laurie Anne Stepanian















GC LovinLaces Fudge Muffin
B/O: Tippi Parmerter














GC Kitycomb Flower Bee of Bitaheaven
B: Linda & Bill Coombes
O: Paula & James Watson









GC, GP Pleasantview BeBop of JazzMewsic
B: Julie Collin
O: Karol Cooper









GP Pleasantview Fangboner
B/O: Julie Collin