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GC Laurant Upper Crust of Naramist
B: Carole Flynn O: Jean McCurdie
Best Birman Great Lakes Region 1998/1999
GC Tunacats U2 of Mysinhs
B: Lorrie and Charlie "Tuna" Anderson
O: Jo Ann Cordes Brown
GC Pleasantview The Big Easy of Jazzmewsic
B: Julie Collin
O: Jo Ann Powell and Karol Cooper
The Big Easy
Rhapsody in Blue
GC GP Jazzmewsic Rhapsody in Blue
B/O: Jo Ann Powell and Karol Cooper
GC RW Mysinhs Would I Lie To You
CFA's National 3rd Best Birman
B/O: Jo Ann Cordes Brown
Wolfie GC RW Pleasantview Wherewolf of Mysinhs
B: Julie Collin
O: Jo Ann Cordes Brown
GC Sugarmitts Wildhearted Lass
B/O: James Emerson & Cynthia Butcher
Wildhearted Lass
Shaman GC RW Shanlao Star Shaman
B/O: Gail & Sid Justice
GP Shanlao Usted es el Hijo del Sol
B: Gail & Sid Justice
O: Nancy Knudsen
Birbell's Wisteria
GC Birbell's Wisteria of T-Cin
B: Jackie Bell
O: Tom and Cindy Schott
GC Birbell's Winchester
B/O: Jackie Bell
Birbell's Winchester
XiaWeb3.jpg (17748 bytes)
GC, GP Bir-Mac's Xia Maria of Khetmeo
B: Tom & Karen McIlraith
O: Gregory Beach
Bitaheaven Wizard
GP Bitaheaven Wizard
B/O: James & Paula Watson